Sale of saunas in Spain:

Sale of barrel saunas in Spain, Denia

A street barrel sauna is a large barrel knocked out of spruce boards with a thickness of 42mm or from a thermal wood (treated spruce) and covered with a flexible roof. This is a completely ready-to-sell in Spain product, where there is everything necessary: a chimney, a drain hole, and on the edges there are two benches, between which there is a stove, a small visor is provided above the entrance door. Beds are made from an alder or a thermo-wood.

The spanish sauna is heated to 80 ° in less than 1 hour, and to an optimum temperature of 100 ° it is less than 2 hours. It is designed for several people and, with small dimensions, is suitable for a site of almost any size of plot.

Bath Parameters:

- The diameter of 2 meters
- Material of walls and floor - spruce
- Material of plank beds - alder

Standard sauna Sauna + dressing room
Sale of saunas in Spain, Denia. Standard sauna. Sale of saunas in Spain, Denia. Sauna with dressing room.
Sauna + seats Sauna + dressing room and seats
Sale of saunas in Spain, Denia, sauna with outdoor seats. Sale of saunas in Spain, Denia, sauna with dressing room and seats.

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